Using Correct Plumbing Pipe Adhesives

This seems to be one of the biggest problems, with do-it-yourselfers or people that aren't familiar with what adhesives to use, to assemble their waste pipe plumbing drain assemblies, correctly.

It's sad, but most people that need this advice, will probably never even read this article. They won't ask for any help, at their local home improvement center or plumbing supply warehouse. They will go to the home improvement center, purchase the materials that they need, and when the home improvement adviser approaches them, and asked them if they need any help, they will simply refuse.

I have dealt with people that seemed to be know in alls and will rarely ask for anyone's help. Again, these are probably people that aren't going to be reading this article. With that said, how do you know which plumbing pipe adhesives to use and which ones not to?

It's simple, if you're buying a certain type of pipe, make sure that you buy the correct adhesive, that works with that particular type of plastic pipe. If you don't know, which plumbing pipe adhesives to purchase or use, simply ask someone who works at the home improvement center for some help.

Let me give you a brief rundown, PVC pipes, require a certain and specific type of glue to assemble these pipes correctly. Usually the glue that is used to assemble one type of plastic pipe, will not work properly with another.

ABS pipe, requires a specific ABS glue. It doesn't get any easier than that. Keep this in mind though, if you purchase the wrong glue or use the wrong glue, your pipe might look like it's stuck together and working properly, until someone apply some pressure to the piping system. Just because the pipes look like they're glued together, when using the wrong plumbing pipe adhesives, doesn't mean that it will last for ever.

The person writing this article, has applied the wrong kind of glue, to the wrong kind of pipe and suffered the consequences. Listen once, and maybe listen again, but don't use the wrong adhesive with the wrong pipe.