Always Hire A Plumber Who Has Liability Insurance

It is not hard to imagine, the damage that one broken water pipe can do to an entire home. Could you imagine the frustration that you would have, if you hired a plumbing contractor, to repair your broken water pipe, only to find out later on that it wasn't done properly and he doesn't have any liability insurance?

I write these articles for a reason and I hope that most people take the time to understand, that when I am writing, I'm trying to protect people that are either in the home improvement business or those who are hiring the people in the home improvement business to remodel or repair something in their home.

There is nothing more frustrating to a homeowner or to a building contractor, than to find out that the people they hired, are not protected and if an accident happens on the job, it could put them at risk. Most general contractors, won't even think about hiring someone who doesn't have any liability insurance, simply because it protects them, just in case something does happen.

Homeowners should think the same way. If a plumbing contractor comes to your home and charges you $500 to repair a broken toilet, you might think that this home repair might be a little costly. However, could you imagine paying the $500, and then, a few months later having a problem with your toilet and it ends up flooding your entire home with water.

It wouldn't be a bad idea, to get a copy of your plumber's liability insurance certificate, just in case the plumber went out of business, you would be able to call the liability company directly, to get your home repaired in the future if there were any problems.

It's not much work for the plumbing contractor, all he needs to do is call his liability insurance company and they will mail you out a certificate of his liability insurance.