Planning Your Bathroom Remodeling On A Shoestring Budget

If there's one thing I know about bathroom remodeling and saving money, it's the fact that you're going to need to plan for it. If you're serious about saving money, planning your bathroom remodeling project strategically can put you in financial wonderland.

Try to figure out what the most important parts are that need to be replaced in your bathroom. Any item in your bathroom that can be saved needs to be saved in order for you to remodel your bathroom on a shoestring budget. Save money by saving items that are in good shape and don't really need to be replaced.

If the curtains or window blinds aren't in good shape and you don't have the money in your budget to replace them, remove them, and don't plan on replacing them. Any items in your bathroom that can be removed, because they're worn out or outdated and don't need to be replaced, should be.

If you're going to be working with a shoestring budget on your bathroom remodeling project, you only need to focus on two things. Don't remove items that are in good shape and if you can remove damaged or outdated items, without replacing them, do it and don't think twice.

The key to remodeling your bathroom on a shoestring budget is planning strategically, which items can and can't be removed. Your budget will be the most important part of your decision-making process. If you only have $400 to remodel your bathroom, you might be looking at some paint, new wood trim, flooring and some accent tiles.

Good luck on your next bathroom remodeling project.