Planning For A New Kitchen Island

I have got to say, having a kitchen island or in other words a centrally located countertop in your kitchen, is one of the best things, anyone could possibly have in their kitchen. They are usually easy to access and on special occasions, can allow multiple people to perform different tasks in the kitchen.

If you are going to run any electrical, for light switches, electrical outlets or any other kitchen appliances, this will require installing new electrical conduit underneath your floor. If you have a raised foundation, you can consider yourself lucky.

The raised foundation is an electrical contractor's dream come true and almost anything can be installed or moved from the crawl space access area. If there is enough room to maneuver around safely, underneath the home, sometimes dirt might need to be removed, before the contractor can even wiggle his way underneath your home and this could cost you even more money on your kitchen remodeling project.

Now the big problem for your new kitchen island would be if you had a concrete foundation. Especially if you have a concrete foundation with a post-tension house foundation system. You're not allowed to cut your concrete floor in these homes and they should be marked at one of the corners, on the garage floor.

A section of the concrete floor will need to be cut and removed, in order to install your new electrical conduit under the floor. It's the only way to get electricity to a kitchen island that is standing in the center of your kitchen.

Think about this, while you're planning your new kitchen. These costs, can play an important factor in your kitchen remodeling process. Anything that you can possibly think of, is going to help you financially and emotionally. You should plan on solving any possible problems before you start the project.