Older Homes With No Dryer Hookups

I know it's hard to imagine that people use to hang their clothes out to dry on a clotheslines. I don't think anyone that was born after 1990, even knows what a clothesline is. Well it's true some older homes weren't built with dryer hookups and homes that were built before the 1940s might not have wash machine hookups either.

This is something to keep in mind when you are shopping for a home. I'm writing this article, because I am the person they call, after they buy the home and notice, there's no spot for the dryer. There is some good news though, most of of the older homes that have wash machines are usually next to a large sink, also known as a wash basin.

Most of the time you can remove the sink and replace it with a clothes dryer. Most clothes dryers and wash machines are 30 inches wide. This means you will need at least 60 inches to install your wash machine next to your clothes dryer.

Now that you have this information and you're serious about buying the house, you pull out your trusty measuring tape and measure the area and you only have 54 inches. Now you're probably thinking that you can make it work somehow anyway. Forget that idea and let's go to plan number two.

Have you ever heard of stackable washers and dryers. You can always use a dryer that stacks on top of a wash machine. The only problem with this plan is, you're going to need a stackable washers and dryers. This might cost you some extra money, that you weren't planning on spending but remember it's always another option.

You should contact a local contractor or your building department to find out what the requirements are for installing a new dryer in an area that previously only had a wash machine. The dryer will need one electrical outlet,and a dryer vent.

If you are installing an electric dryer, make sure you have a 220 V electrical outlet installed. This should be hooked up by a licensed electrician for safety.

If you're installing a gas dryer, you will need the proper size gas line installed. You can normally contact a plumbing contractor to install your new gas line.

Don't forget, if you want to buy the home and finances are tight, you can always use a clothesline.