New House Construction Advice - Asking Questions

You have a good plan from a good home designer and now it's time to frame your house. The foundation has been poured and the lumber has been delivered. The next step is to start assembling the wood framing and this usually gets new home owners excited.

There is nothing better than seeing a new home being built, especially if it's your home. As a framing contractor, I have seen happy homeowners as they start to see the house takes shape after months of planning.

It wouldn't be a bad idea, to let the carpenters work and try to avoid asking them questions, because this usually takes valuable time away from the new home framing process. I'm not telling you to avoid contact with your framing crew, I'm asking you to show a little compassion and have some consideration for these professionals.

I can't tell you how much time I have spent walking homeowners through the process and on one job, it costs me a small fortune. The homeowner continually asks me questions and it was getting to the point where I was spending over one hour each day explaining the framing process to them.

I'm writing this article to homeowners who aren't familiar with the house framing process. Save all of your questions for the end of the day and ask your contractor if they don't mind answering some questions.

Maybe you could set some time aside each week to ask your contractor questions. The last thing you're going to need on your job is a frustrated framing carpenter who doesn't like you. Show a little common courtesy and most framing contractor's will return the favor.