New Home Building And Online Contractor Referral Services

One of the biggest problems in the construction business and every other business that I could possibly think of, is the lowest price competition. The person with the lowest price and the best product usually makes the most money if they do enough business.

Now how can you keep your prices low, if you're paying ridiculous fees to online contractor referral services? Could you imagine paying $1000 or more, simply to get the job? Some of these fees are outrageous. Could you imagine paying between 1 and 10%, of the overall total cost of the job, to one of these companies?

A long time ago, contractors and homeowners could get information easily from these online contractor referral websites, now it's a totally different story. You need to fill out another form so that the company can contact you, if you want to get the fee information, that contractors paid for their services. It seems like they finally wised up and now, it's hard to get the information.

I would suggest that you go to their website, fill out the information that is required by a contractor and if you're not interested in having them call you, leave a different phone number. Maybe you could leave a phone number to their competition, that might be a little sneaky, but these people are getting a little carried away with the ridiculous contractor referral fees.

I can't imagine these companies staying in business, but if they do, they will be doing the construction business a disservice. If you're interested in starting a new business, maybe you can get into the online contractor referral service business and produce some lower rate referral fees for contractors that are just trying to stay in business, with out paying these ridiculous fees.

Do some research, before using, any online contractor referral service. The users of these services ultimately end up paying these fees as the contractors passed them down the line.