Why Do We Need Building Inspectors?

If you're hiring a professional home builder or remodeling contractor who has enough experience to build or construct the project effective way, why would we ever need a building inspector. Building inspectors often irritate homeowners and contractors and seem to get in the way during the construction process.

Let's see if this makes any sense, if we didn't have building inspectors or someone to inspect new home construction or home improvement projects, do you think that even the most honest contractors might leave something out or use an inferior building product. This could happen and would every once in a while.

Building inspectors are used to keep honest contractors honest and dishonest contractors in check. These people do their best to make sure that your new home or remodeling project is going to be built correctly, with everything that the building department requires.

They’re usually looking out for the homeowners best interest and even though you might get upset with them every once in a while, their job is to protect the community from inferior workmanship and construction. If we didn't have construction inspectors, there's a good chance that we would have more problems with older homes.

No matter what happens between you and your building inspector, remember that these people are on your side. It doesn't matter whether you're a building contractor or property owner. These people can also provide you with solutions or avenues that will provide you with some good information, if needed.

If you're having problems with your building inspector, I would advise you to think twice, before treating them poorly.