My Windows Don't Slide Easy Any More

If you have problems with vertical windows or windows at slide up and down, you might not be reading the right article. These trade secrets from the pros only apply to horizontal sliding windows.

For any of you who don't know what to horizontal sliding window is, these are windows located in your home that opened to the right or left and not up and down? The older these windows become, the harder they are to operate, especially if you've been operating them on a daily basis for many years.

There are all sorts of lubricants that you can use and often people do, but this isn't usually the best form of lubrication for most windows. I like to use wax and rub it on the track where the window slides as it moves from right to left or from left to right.

You can use a candle or a piece of paraffin wax and rub it on the bottom tracking of the window sill, where the window rolls as you open it or close it. It doesn't take much, and soon you will find these windows opening effortlessly and you will feel like you have new windows throughout your entire home.

There is one drawback though, you're going to need to clean the tracks a little more often than you were used to. Sometimes the wax will accumulate dirt and dust, creating a problem for the window rollers and you will be back to your original problem, with difficulties opening and closing the windows effortlessly.

If you do decide to use lubricants like silicone, oil or grease, make sure that you clean the window tracking and rollers on a regular basis to prevent future problems with your windows.

Sometimes all you need to do is clean your window rollers located at the bottom of the moving window and window track to solve your problem. Always clean the window tracking first, before applying any lubricant or wax.

If your windows aren't that old, contact the window manufacturer to see if they have any solutions before applying anything to avoid ruining any warrantees that you might have on your windows.