I Can't Wash My Mold Off The Walls

If you have mold growing on your bathroom walls, ceilings or any other walls in your home and can't seem to remove it, that's probably because it's underneath the paint. This might not make any sense, but if the mold continues to grow back, it's probably growing between the paint and the drywall or plaster.

This is real common around moist areas like your bathroom or even behind your stove if you do a lot of cooking with pots that are releasing steam, you could have a moisture problem and moisture attracts mold and mildew. If the steam is condensing on the back wall, behind the kitchen stove, you could find yourself stripping the paint or even removing the drywall to fix the problem, correctly.

If the mold is growing behind the paint, the only way you will be able to fix this, right, is to remove the paint and treat the drywall for mold. This might sound like a lot of work, but there is a simpler way, but not a more effective way.

You can simply clean the wall with chlorine or bleach, leave the area that you treated alone for a few days for until its dried out thoroughly. Then you can simply paint over the area with a semi gloss or high gloss paint. Flat or satin paints could actually absorb enough moisture to start growing the mold again. A semi gloss or high gloss paint will act like a water resistant barrier and help to prevent moisture from soaking into the wall.

Now here's the bad news, the mold hasn't gone away, you're just sealing it in the wall or ceiling. Eventually you could start to see a dark spot under your newly painted wall repair. This will tell you, that the mold is growing underneath the paint, that you just applied and probably even underneath the layer of paint, you painted over.

If you're having problems keeping the mold away, there's a good chance that it's growing underneath the paint. Clean it the best you can with bleach or chlorine, read the directions thoroughly before using these products and if the mold keeps coming back, you can paint over the mold or remove the drywall, re-plaster it and then paint over it. You have a couple of choices.

Always try cleaning the mold with bleach first and if the problem is in the bathroom, you could always leave the door open while you're showering to prevent moisture buildup in the bathroom. Open a window or turn a fan on, keep the moisture out until you know for sure mold is gone.