Meticulous Homeowners Can Be A Contractor's Worst Nightmare

It was probably around 20 years ago when I built a two-story room addition in one of the worst rainy seasons, Southern California ever seen. Both of the homeowners were extremely meticulous people and I was about to learn one of the greatest lessons in my life as a contractor.

The homeowners were close to my age and both of them seemed to be extremely friendly. I honestly thought that I was going to have a wonderful time working with these people, but it wasn't more than two weeks into the job, before we had our first problem and it was over something stupid.

It wasn't long, before the lady of the house, was leaving me notes on a daily basis about problems that she was having with me and the job. I couldn't believe how meticulous someone could actually be, but I was a young contractor that still had a lot to learn about people and the remodeling business.

The entire job took around six months and it wasn't long before the husband was starting to show his true colors. I had really been fooled and it was starting to wear me down, physically and mentally. It got to the point, where I didn't even want to see either one of the homeowners. I did my job and left before they got home and this was starting to turn into a daily routine.

I'm writing this article, to tell other contractors, to watch out for meticulous homeowners. Some of these people can be extremely difficult to work for, but this doesn't mean that all meticulous homeowners are this way. Here's some advice that I would like to give you, especially if you're just starting out as a building contractor.

If the homeowners seem like they're going to be difficult to work with, just tell them that you're not interested in the job. Let someone else deal with this possible construction nightmare.


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