Master Plumber Shares Water Leak Secrets

I wouldn't consider myself to be a master plumber, but I'm going to share with you, some of the information that I've learned from a few master plumbers over the years. These guys are the true pros of the industry and rarely share any of their secrets with anyone, but I got them to tell me some of their trade secrets with me.

I'm not going to tell you how I got these secrets from them, but it did involve some alcohol and a couple of sandwiches. Very few master tradesmen share their secrets with anyone that they don't trust or respect. Working in the construction industry for over three decades has gained me the respect from more than one master plumber.

Okay here's the secret that you've all been waiting for,” Hand tighten everything.” Now wait a minute, that's it, isn't there anything else. That's the master plumbing secret that we've been waiting for, to hands tightened everything, come on there's got to be more.

Well there is more, but that's going to be in another article, somewhere else in the future. If you're serious about eliminating water leaks from your plumbing drains and water supply lines, you should hand tighten everything and then check for leaks.

I can't tell you how many times I grabbed a pair of channel locks or a pipe wrench to tighten a sink drain or toilet supply line, only to find out that I had applied too much pressure and now water is leaking all over the place.

Master plumbers and other master tradesmen rarely share secrets, but this one is easy to grasp. The value of this secret is priceless. The next time that you have a water leak or are assembling any plumbing products, don't over tighten any plumbing parts and it won't be long, before you are the master plumber in your house.