Manufactured Shower Pan Problems

Plastic, fiberglass or acrylic shower pans are usually easy to install, they can save you money and time during installation and can last for years if they are installed properly. The biggest problem is, which one do I buy and which one will actually last.

Let's focus in on the inexpensive shower pans, this will usually be your biggest problem, if purchased. You normally get what you pay for and trying not to ever forget that. The first thing that you're going to look for is a solid acrylic or plastic shower pan.

I once installed a two-piece plastic shower pan in someone's home and tiled the walls of the shower. Before I could even finish tiling the shower walls, the shower pan was starting to squeak as the two pieces had separated and were starting to rub together, as I was walking in and out at the shower.

This wasn't good and I would never purchase another one again, but keep this in mind, if a solid plastic or acrylic shower pan isn't installed properly, you could find yourself dealing with cracks and once the shower pans crack, they leak and once they start leaking, you've got big problems.

I wouldn't recommend purchasing any pre-manufactured shower pan over the Internet, unless you are familiar with the product. I would make sure that you can pull this product out of the box and inspect it carefully. Even setting it on the floor and standing on it, while you're moving your body up and down, without jumping of course.

Make sure that you buy a solid well-built shower pan and follow the directions precisely from the manufacturer. Don't forget that the manufacturer could be responsible if you're shower pan was to fail. If the shower pan wasn't installed correctly, you can forget about any warranty from the manufacture.