Why Won't You Maintain Your House?

As people become more health-conscious and understand that they need to eat the proper foods and get a certain amount of exercise on a daily basis, people are starting to live longer. If you regularly change the fluids in your vehicle, they seem to last longer and have fewer problems. So obviously it makes sense to maintain anything that you want to last a long time.

Obviously this makes sense to most people, yet very few people choose to maintain their home on a regular basis. Some homeowners paint their homes every five years, whether they need it or not, while others only paint their house when it becomes an eyesore to the neighborhood.

If you've been in the construction business as long as I have, you know the answer to this question,” Why won't you maintain your house?” I would imagine that 90% of all homeowners who don't maintain their house on a regular basis avoid it, because of financial difficulties.

These people really don't have the money to spend on their house. Their home doesn't seem to be as big of a priority as surviving. There are millions of people all over the United States who barely have enough money to live on. If I had to choose between eating or painting your house, the house obviously wouldn't get painted.

The biggest problem with this eventually as that the house will start to deteriorate beyond repair. Some of these homes will need to be tore down and this only adds to our local landfills. I understand that some of these people can't do some of the home repairs, but the ones that you can do, you should try to do.