Keep Flammable Materials In Secure Locations

It seems like the words emergency and panic seem to go hand in hand. Whenever there's an emergency, people often panic and when they do, they can make life threatening choices. I would like to give you a few suggestions on how you can avoid problems like this in the future, simply by keeping the flammable products securely locked up.

When I was about 12 years old, I was cleaning up a mess in my garage with gasoline. I watched my dad's friend do this and understood that gasoline was an excellent concrete cleaner. I might not have been the smartest kid in the neighborhood, and what I was going to do next, could have easily went in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the most stupid things, anyone could have done.

I guess I should mention that I was cleaning the garage floor, with the large garage doors shut. I should also mention that it was locked from the outside. I was in an enclosed environment, with gas fumes and gasoline spread out all over the concrete floor.

After I cleaned to the garage floor and there wasn't much gasoline left on it and I was tired of cleaning, I chose to light the gasoline on fire. Like I said earlier, this wasn't one of the bright periods in my life.

Immediately the gasoline went up into flames that I were out of my control. I ran into the house and got the key to the garage door and opened it up as fast as I could, this was mistake number two. This allowed plenty of fresh air to get into the garage and fresh air only makes the fire bigger.

As luck sometimes works in our favor, my neighbor across the street was washing his car and immediately came over to help me put the fire out. We grabbed the garden hose and within a few minutes and distinguished the entire fire. I probably could've put the fire out on my own, but was eternally grateful for my neighbor's assistance.

The moral to the story is,” Try to keep flammable products like gasoline locked up securely.” Sometimes with a little common sense and a few safety tips, people like us can save lives. Send this article to all of your friends and family.