Just How Bad Is Home Mold

The question most of us want answered," Is Just How Bad Is Home Mold?" I see the word toxic mold on the Internet and often wonder what it's referring to, is the word toxic mold, the same as toxic waste, like from a nuclear waste plant. If I touch the mold, is it going to start eating away the skin off of my body?

Toxic mold, creates health problems, I have never heard of anyone dying from black mold but it does cause sickness and problems with breathing. There have been plenty of studies, over the years, that explain the problems with home mold. I have been reading these reports for quite some time, as well a house working with mold, whether I'm remodeling a house or doing repairs on it.

When I'm tearing apart a wall that has mold or mildew or even a fungus growing on it, I don't suit up in a large white plastic outfit, I don't put rubber gloves on, I don't have a box, with a vacuum in it with a flashing siren on top of it, around me, I don't contact a local mold removal company, I simply tear the wall apart and throw it in the trash.

While working on homes before mold was a big deal, I would even work, tearing into these walls with mold and mildew on them and would rarely wash my hands before I ate lunch. I'm still in pretty good shape and just maybe, this mold helped my body develop the right anti-bodies or what ever I needed to protect myself in the future.

I'm not suggesting that you start eating mold are practicing poor hygiene, but what I am suggesting, is that we don't panic when you see a little mold growing in our bathroom. Simply clean it up and if it becomes a problem, or can't be cleaned up, contact a local contractor for their opinion.

The bottom line is, mold is a very important part in nature. It's part of nature's clean up and is very helpful in keeping this planet livable. The next time you see mold growing, don't treat it like toxic waste and runaway from the screaming and yelling. Mold is our friend but should be kept away from our homes. In nature mold works pretty good and can help disintegrate a large tree in a few years, we don't want it tearing apart our homes.

Mold is usually caused from moisture and if you have an occurring problem with mold, it's probably moisture related. Maybe there is a water leak or moisture build up that is creating the problem.