You Should Always Choose Your Interior Finishes Before You Start Building

I really can't say this enough and I won't stop saying it, until everyone gets the message. The more stuff that you can get into the original construction contract with out any allowances, the better off you're going to be.

If your general contractor doesn't have the exact wood trim that's going to run throughout the entire house and instead has provided you with a cost allowance, you can consider yourself to be creating financial problems in the future.

If the contractor is planning on painting the entire inside and outside of the house white but you don't know about this, until you arrive at the job one day and you notice that the entire house is painted this color. Now you're going to have to pay additional fees to your contractor to make the changes.

Plan on having all of the kitchen cabinets, kitchen fixtures, bathroom fixtures, floor and wall tiles, stairs and hand railing, paint colors, floor trim, crown molding, paneling, wall textures, flooring and anything else that you could possibly think of covered in your original contract.

In my opinion, this is the best way to build or remodel anything. There won't be any delays, as the homeowner makes their final decision on which type of bathtub they're going to use. Each one of these items can also be ordered by the general contractor before they are needed, so that they arrive on time and on schedule.

I can't tell you how much frustration and money you will save, by knowing exactly what you're going to use throughout the entire house. If there are a few things that you're not sure of, and they're not going to cost very much money, you can wait if you have to, but anything that you can pick out before you start building, could save you a lot of sleepless nights and keep your job running smoothly and on schedule.