Interior Designers Can Create Problems For Builders

I was working on a track of homes one time and we were building the model homes. The homes were completely framed, with all of the electrical, plumbing and heating systems in place, when the interior designer came to the job and started changing things.

At the time we were working for one of the biggest home builder's in the United States and I couldn't believe that they hadn't done a little better job planning the project.

I was one of the last carpenters working on the job and it was my job to fix and repair anything that needed to be changed. By the time we were done walking through the first house with the interior designer, she had created about two week’s worth of work for one carpenter. My boss wasn't very happy and he still had two more houses to walk through.

I don't want to sound like your typical male chauvinist pig or macho man, but this woman was extremely attractive and it seemed like she had everyone's attention, but mine. We had to frame three homes in seven days as part of our contract and now they were going to spend some more time, changing the architectural design, to make the interior designer happy.

We spent most of the day with the extremely nice looking interior designer and by the next day, I was prepared to attack the first home. There were about 15 other carpenters there the next day and we finished the work by the end of the week and this made the home builder extremely happy.

I don't know exactly how much money it costs the home builder to make these changes, but I know that it had to of cost them a small fortune. This might not sound like normal production house building, but I seriously can't tell you how many times something like this actually happened. I don't know if it happens anymore, but throughout the 1990s these types of problems were still creating problems for home builders.