Problems Installing Garden Windows

One of the biggest problems when installing Garden Windows, is the location of the window itself. If the window is located in a high-traffic area, you could find yourself, your family and even your friends, suffering as they bang up against this large bulky obstacle.

I don't know how many garden windows I have installed in my lifetime, but most of the time, if they're located on a sidewalk or an area that is used often, especially by young children, there's a good chance that you could have problems as your children bump into these large bulky garden windows.

If you think about it, the bottom of most Garden Windows is about the perfect head height for a child between the ages of six and 10 years of age. If this garden window is located in an area where they play often, it could become a safety issue for them and their friends.

Here's a solution to the problem. Try to put something underneath the window, to block direct access underneath it. Even a few plants, around the perimeter, underneath the windows, on the sidewalk or grass area, could make it more difficult to access these areas easily.

If you can't put anything underneath the windows, or it could be creating an eyesore, think about installing some foam rubber tubing or some sort of protective material around the bottom corners of these windows.

It doesn't take much, a little bit of creative thinking and some common sense, and you could come up with something to protect your family. Something to think about, before installing garden windows around your home.