Installing Ceiling Fan - Don't Use Wrong Electrical Box

If you've ever walked into a home where the ceiling fan is hanging or separated from the ceiling and ever wondered what was causing the problem, you're about to find out. These ceiling fans were attached to a regular light fixture rough electrical box.

Here's what happens, these plastic rough electrical boxes are designed for lighter duty, light fixtures. The weight of an electric ceiling fan, over time will usually start to pull the rough electrical box away from the wood framing. Now we have an electrical safety hazard.

I know that ceiling fans look great and I would recommend installing them in any room of your home, as long as you have the proper electrical box to attach them to. If you choose to install a ceiling fan, using these boxes anyway, you might not ever have any problems with them. However, if you start to notice the base of the ceiling fan, starting to separate from the ceiling, you could have a problem.

Now you're probably wondering if I have a light fixture on my ceiling and would like to install a ceiling fan, how could I actually do it, safely? Here's the best advice that I could give you, contact a licensed electrician and have them installed the proper electrical box, for you and save yourself a lot of grief.

Could you imagine the ceiling fan, falling on top of an expensive piece of furniture or worse than that, someone as they're walking underneath the fan, while it's an operation? Something to think about.