How To Install Windows Without Any Flanges

If you really want to know the secrets about how to install windows without any flanges on them, I would advise you to contact the window manufacturer for instructions. That's the best advice I can give anyone who is thinking about installing windows that they're not familiar with.

I was working on a whole house renovation one time, when the windows finally arrived and I noticed that they didn't have any window flanges on them. The contractor that I was working with figured that we would just install them and not worry about it. That didn't sit right with me, because we had been having problems with building inspectors and the installation of windows for quite some time now.

I finally convinced the owner of the house and the contractor to contact the company who they purchased the windows from. This was a local lumber yard who sold quite a bit a windows from different manufacturers. I thought they would give us a simple answer or provide us with a pamphlet on how to install these windows, but they didn't know themselves or have any information.

The truth is, the lumber company didn't want to take any responsibility for the window installation, so they contacted the window manufacturer and they sent out a representative to solve our problem. The day finally arrived when five men came to visit the job and explain to us, how to install the windows that their window company had made.

This didn't do us any good, the only person who had any idea about how they could install these windows properly, was me and the contractor I was working with. We explained to them that we needed written instructions so that the warranty for the windows wouldn't be voided.

This got their attention, because they thought that they were dealing with amateurs and if this was the case and we would have installed the windows our way, the warranty could have been voided.

There is only one way to install windows and it really doesn't matter if you have flanges on them or not, that's to make sure that you install them per window manufacturer's instructions. If you choose to install them a different way, you could find yourself having problems, with any warranty in the future.