Inspirational Story That Changed One Home Improvement Contractors Life Forever

I have been writing and sharing my stories with thousands of people, all over the United States and the story that I'm about to tell you, happen to someone that I truly enjoyed working with. This person's life changed forever, because one man chose to share something special with him.

I don't know how many struggling contractors there are out there, but this guy was one of them. He was working for other contractors during the week and on the weekends he was trying to get his own construction company going. He would often work long hours during the week, earning enough money to take care of his family and working on the weekends, trying to save up enough money to start his own business.

After doing this for about five years, he finally realize that he was having problems at home with his wife and children, who rarely got to see him, he decided to put his dream aside and focus on his family. A few more years went by and he took odd jobs every once in awhile to keep his dream alive.

Things seem to be going okay for him, until one day he met a man who would change his life forever. The man that he met was on his way to becoming a very successful general contractor and was starting to use the services of this young man. They soon became pretty good friends and the general contractor told the young man that one day he could see him running a successful construction company.

The young man started to think about what the other guy had said, but didn't want to disrupt his family. He explained this to the general contractor, and got a response that would change his life forever.

The general contractor handed him a book called,” Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.” The young man looked at the book and said, “What do you want me to do with this, read it.” Yes said the general contractor and I have other books that I would like you to read also. If you're serious about making more money in the construction industry and providing a better life for you and your family, I suggest that you start doing a little more reading.

It wasn't just this one book, that changed the young man's life forever, it was the rest of the books that he read also. Sometimes we tend to focus on the way things have always been done, when we really need to focus on the things that really work.

The young man went on to become a successful general contractor and never forget about the other contractor’s generosity. Today this guy helps others fulfill their dreams as a way of returning the favor that changed his life forever.