Inferior Workmanship Combined With Inexperience Means Big Problems To Homeowners

It's hard to find a contractor who's willing to work for under $15 an hour who really knows what they're doing, but there are plenty of homeowners who use inexperienced workers and contractors to make home repairs or end up using them for home remodeling projects. The only reason they're using them is because they're providing them with an extremely low estimate.

Most experienced contractor’s today charge anywhere from $45 per hour and up. I knew of a contractor who was charging $105 an hour to do finish work in Northern California. Hopefully this guy was doing some excellent work and providing his clients with exceptional service.

Whenever a homeowner accepts the lowest bid, there's a good chance that they're getting an inexperienced worker who's going to supplying you with inferior workmanship. I don't know what it's going to take, to wake up the homeowners or other people who use inexperienced workers, but you're really getting what you're paying for.

I've actually seen home repairs and remodeling projects that look good on the outside, but have small problems that lead to large problems in the future. These large problems often cost homeowners big bucks, because now they need to hire someone who has the experience and ability to make the necessary repairs.

The homeowner usually ends up paying twice for the same project. One time I needed to remove a shower that wasn't even two years old and replace it, simply because the inexperienced workers didn't water proof around the bathtub and window properly.

I don't think I'm ever going to be able to convince everyone, but for those of you reading this article, I suggest that you avoid using people who tell you they can do it and only hire contractors that you know can do the work right.