How To Use A Cement Mixer - Proper Positioning

Okay, you're thinking about pouring a new sidewalk, on your property somewhere. The location of the sidewalk, makes it difficult for a large concrete truck to get back, to pour the concrete easily. The distance is a little too far to hire a concrete pump, and your only alternative now is to use a cement mixer.

Now it's time to learn how to properly position a cement mixer. If you're too far away from electricity, you can always rent a gas cement mixer. These cement mixers seem to have enough power, to mix the cement and stay running for long periods of time, before they need to be refilled with fuel.

Make sure that the cement mixer is position on level ground. This is one of the most important things, when it comes to mixing cement. If the cement mixer is tilted in one direction, as you proceed to load the mixer up, with rocks, sand and cement, the cement mixer could actually fall over.

You're probably thinking, that's something I would have done anyway, but you'd be surprised, how many people I see using a cement mixer that isn't positioned on level ground.

Make sure that the cement mixer is going to be located near water or within the distance of a garden hose. I have actually seen people do twice as much work, filling buckets with water, and carrying these buckets long distances, instead of locating the cement mixer closer to accessible water.

One of the most important things about positioning a cement mixer, is to make sure that you have everything as close to you as possible. This would include your bags of cement, sand and rock.