How To Make More Money As A Remodeling Contractor

I hope that there aren't any homeowners reading this article, because I could be giving away some very important secrets about home remodeling. If you're a homeowner and not a remodeling contractor you should stop reading the article right here. You heard me, I said to stop reading the article. Why are you still reading?

The best way to make more money in any business is to raise your prices and still sell the same amount of product. If you are remodeling contractor and you want to make more money, you need to raise your prices or do more work. Which one of these do you think it's easier?

That's right, you're an intelligent remodeling contractor. It's not going to be doing more work, it's going to be charging more money. Enough of the kidding around, I once knew a remodeling contractor who made $25 an hour, which was unheard of in the 1980s.

This remodeling contractor today usually makes over $100 an hour. That still seems ridiculous during the tough times where in right now. (I'm writing this article in the year 2009) that's right, you heard me $100 an hour. This guy was actually making over $2500 a day in the late 1990s. That's a lot of money.

If you're a remodeling contractor and you can't afford health insurance or have a hard time making your house payment, you're probably not charging your clients enough money for your services. You should get paid what you're worth and as the owner of your remodeling construction company, you set the prices not the customer.

Let's not get carried away here, this doesn't work for every contractor and I don't suggest that you do it today. However, I would like you to think about it and if it makes sense to you, create a plan and put it into action.


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