How To Install A New Ceiling Light

Installing a new ceiling light, isn't usually a difficult process. Applying a little common sense, with a little bit of do-it-yourself handyman practices, can make this task, even easier. Let's start with some electrical fixture basics and try to get you through this task as quickly as possible.

The first thing that you're going to want to do and this is the most important, is to make sure that the electricity they shut off, to the light fixture that you are about to be working on. Most of the time, this would simply require making sure that the light switch that operates the ceiling light fixture, is turned to the off position.

The good thing about ceiling lights, is that they aren't going to have any moving parts in them, like a ceiling fan. You will be able to remove the old ceiling light fixture, to see how easy the wiring from the house, to the light fixture, actually is.

Now you can remove the old light fixture, paying attention to how it is wired to the home. You will notice that there are three wires, unless the home is older, you will have two wires. You will have a black and the white wire and some homes will have a ground wire which will be an exposed copper wire or a green colored grounding wire.

As long as the electricity is off, you will not get electrocuted. However if you do get shocked, and the electricity, is off, you've probably got a problem with your electrical system. Just a simple heads up, always be careful when working with electricity.

Most light fixture boxes in your ceilings are a standard size and this shouldn't be a problem, when you go to buy your new light fixture. After you have purchased your new light fixture and it is ready to install, make sure that you read the assembly instructions and understand them.

Now the process is basically going to be reversing itself. Remember how you removed the old light fixture and you will be reversing these steps to install your new one.

Following the directions, is always going to be helpful, if you've never installed a light fixture before. There are also some great home repair books that can help with this process. If you're short on funds or lacking the money to purchase any books, go down to your local library and see what kind of books they have on home repairs and home improvement.