How To Find A Natural Gas Leak In Your Home?

The most common way to find a natural gas leak in your home will be to use a simple mixture of water and soap. This mixture can then be applied to any gas pipes that you think might be leaking.

Let's think safety first, natural gas is flammable and if you don't feel comfortable, trying to find a natural gas leak, you can simply call your local utility company that supplies your home with natural gas and they will gladly send out a representative to help you with your problem.

Remember these people are supplying your home with an extremely flammable product and they do not want any problems or bad publicity. These people are your friends and they are definitely there to help you. Even if you don't feel comfortable, you simply just don't want to deal with the problem, these professionals can usually find the gas leak within a few minutes.

That's the easiest way to find a home gas leak, however there is another.

If you think a pipe is leaking or even if you can hear a hissing sound and smell the natural gas, you can mix any soap, but I preferred to use a liquid soap with water to produce a soapy mixture.

Then you can apply this mixture with a brush around the pipes that you suspect might be leaking and if there are any bubbles that form around these pipes, you definitely have a leak and this gas leak should be repaired as soon as possible and then re-checked to make sure that it isn't leaking anymore.

To make any repairs to your gas supply system, make sure that the gas supply valve is properly shut off. The gas supply valve should be near your gas meter.

Remember, the gas is extremely flammable and this article is about helping you find the gas leak. I suggest that you contact a plumber to repair the damage.