How Big Should My Garage Be? - Home Planning Advice

The minimum size required for any garage is usually 18 feet long by 11 feet wide. Now with that said, it is extremely difficult to park a midsized car in this garage. If you own a motorcycle, or one of the new Smart cars, this garage would probably work out okay.

Your average single car garage will usually be 18 - 20 feet long and anywhere from 11 - 12 feet wide. If you live in a home that was built before the 1920s, your garage could have a dirt floor in it. Most of these garages were built for horse buggy storage and these garages could be even smaller than a regular single car garage.

Now what about your average sized two-car garage. These garages are usually 18 to 21 feet wide and 18 to 23 feet deep. The two-car garage is the most common garage built on a new home today and the most common size for them are, 20 foot deep by 20 foot wide garage.

Here's the catch if you're two-car garage that is deeper than 20 feet or wider than 20 feet. If the garage has a washer and dryer or even a water heater located within it. The garage will have to be deeper or wider to accommodate these appliances. This is something you should give a lot of consideration to, when de-signing the size of your garage.

Don't just think about the width and length of the garage either, if you're going to park a large truck, boat, trailer or camper inside of these garages, you should give some thought to the height of these buildings and the size of your garage door.

I hope this helps you with your new garage construction planning.