House Damages From One Small Water Leak

It's hard to imagine, how much damage to one house, one small water leak can do. I'm the person they call, to fix this damage and I've seen plenty of homes, that have been severely damaged, simply because there was one very small water leak.

These water leaks can come from leaking water supply pipes, leaking drain or waste pipes and of course, we can't forget the ultimate bad boy of water leaks, the simple roof leak. Most homes that suffer from water damage, will either have a roof leak, or a water supply leak. These water leaks are the most common contributors to any water damage within a residential building structure.

One time, I didn't properly flash around a skylight, that was shingled with composition shingles. The hole that had ruined about 20% of the ceiling, wasn't any larger than a quarter of an inch square. The amount of water that was leaking, during the previous rainstorm, according to the homeowner was unbelievable.

Again, this is an extremely small water leak, that damaged a large area and if the homeowner didn't act fast enough, it could've ruined the carpeting and some of the furniture, as well.

Water supply pipe leaks, are even worse. These leaks don't stop leaking, when it stops raining and sometimes they get even larger and allow more water to run through a damaged pipe. The biggest problem with this kind of damage, is the pipes that are located in areas that you can’t visually see. These areas are usually located underneath your floor, in between your walls or in your ceilings.

Some of these pipes can leak for weeks, and sometimes months, before they are noticed and the damage could be unbelievable. Some of the biggest problems with water supply pipes, that I have found, in the remodeling and home repair business, have been the ones that are located underneath the flooring of a concrete slab. I have seen small water leaks, remove large amounts of soil, from underneath the home's structural building foundation.

Sometimes we can't do much about these problems, but they need to be fixed or repaired as soon as possible, to prevent further damage to your home. Always remember this.