The Homeowner’s Who Lied to the Contractor

Every once in a while, the contractor wins and this is one of those stories. This actually happened to me while I was working on a job for one of my best clients, cousins. I will never forget this as long as I live.

My client reminded me that these people could be extremely difficult to deal with and I even experienced this when they asked me if I could help them pour a driveway on one of their houses.

I told them that I would charge them a fixed amount of money for the project and they agreed. As the driveway was nearing completion, I noticed that the man and his wife had left. I asked their son who was helping me, when they were coming back and he nervously said that he didn't know when they were coming back.

I waited around for a few hours, and when they returned, they seemed disgusted and both of them gave me some rather annoying looks of dissatisfaction. I told them that I was done and I was done a couple of hours ago and I thought that it was pretty darn rude of them to leave without paying me.

They both double teamed me and started telling me that I had cheated them and they weren't planning on paying me the full amount of money that we had agreed to. I asked them what they thought that I deserved and they told me half of what we had originally agreed to.

I told them to keep their money and that I would never work for them again. Within seconds their entire attitude changed as they handed me over at the full amount that we had originally agreed to and started to apologize to me. I couldn't believe what just happened, but I did receive all of my money and this usually makes most contractors extremely happy.

I don't know what happened to these people or why they treated me this way, but I did end up working for them again, two more times until they called me a liar this time and again they were threatening not to pay me. Here is where the story takes an interesting twist and again, I couldn't believe what was about to happen.

As I was arguing with the mother and the father, it dawned on me that the oldest son, who was standing just a few feet away from me at the time, had been with us while I went over the original contract with his parents.

I asked the young man if he remembered what I had said to his parents and this young man didn't miss a beat. He stated that I was telling the truth and his mother and father quickly became furious. They grabbed him and took him into the house and I never felt sorry for anyone, as much as I did for that young man, that night.

Again, I was saved from the persecution of manipulating and lying clients and this time I never worked for them ever again. Every once in a while, the good guy actually does win and this is the part of life that is extremely satisfying to honest people.