Home Water Heater Damage – Home Maintenance

First I like to start with, what does home repair prevention actually mean. It's having the ability to understand basic home construction principles and knowing when there could be a potential problem. Some of these home problems, especially, water damage problems, can lead to expensive repair bills in the future.

A little while ago, I went to repair a rental home where the water heater had been leaking for quite some time and had damaged the platform that it sat on and the wall that it was now leaning against. One of the garage walls was now helping to support this damaged water heater.

Your water heater is something that should be visually inspected on a regular basis. If you own the home, this is something that you will definitely be interested in. You will look at your water heater on a regular basis, especially if you've had to replace one in the past.

Now this makes sense, to a homeowner. However, if you’re renting your home, this could be a totally different mindset to your renters, who probably don't care that much about the home that they are now paying too much money to live in.

I have found that most renters rarely take care of the property, because they view your home as that, it's not theirs and they are already paying too much money to live there. No matter how much money you're charging your renters, it is going to be too much and with that said, they usually have no interest in maintaining your property.

If you don't want to pay for ridiculous home repair costs, you're going to need to inspect your property on a regular basis. You're the only one that is interested in saving you money. I would advise that you check your rental houses every other month at a minimum.

The water heater and water damage that I replaced cost the homeowner around $1500 and it could have been avoided, if the leak would have been fixed for under $100 and if you did it yourself, for under $20.