Home Purchase Planning

I know, you probably never heard of home purchase planning before, well it's about time we start doing some planning before we purchased the home. Instead of after we purchased the home. By the time you've purchased the house, it's usually too late to check for problems. You're stuck with it, the home is now yours, along with all the problems.

Home purchase planning would involve, gathering some home purchase information and not relying 100% on your real estate professional or other professionals involved in the home selling process. Oh yeah, if you have someone in your family or a friend of yours, who's an expert at everything, so they say. Avoid their advice at all costs. These people could end up costing you a bundle of money. Try to use as much common sense as you can, when sorting through their advice.

One of the ways you can educate yourself, would be to read some books on home purchasing, home inspections and home building problems. After you've bought the home, there's a good chance, that you're going to be stuck with it, or at least stuck with the legal problems and legal fees, that it will take to make things right. Don't let this happen to you.

With this in mind, I would suggest that you know as much about the house you are going to purchase as humanly possible. Don't forget to take advantage of your local libraries because they are an excellent source of information. These books can be a great help and at no cost to the reader, just don't forget to take them books back on time.

After you've gathered the information on your own, I would suggest, either making your own home inspection checklist or finding a professional on. If you choose to download one, off the Internet, let me make one suggestion perfectly clear. You normally get what you pay for and all of the free home inspection checklists I have seen on the Internet are worthless.

Now wait a minute, I know what you're thinking. If the ones that you get for free are worthless, where can I get one that's not going to cost me a small fortune. Home inspections usually start at $300 and worked her way up from there. There's no way that I want you to pay $300 for a home inspection, on a house you're just looking at.

I got so tired of people asking me, to create a home inspection checklist, that I finally just created one. You can use my 30 years experience in the construction industry to your benefit. It took me quite a while to put this checklist together but I sincerely believe, it's the best checklist available for under $15.

What are you waiting for, if you're interested in saving money, get this checklist today.