Home Maintenance Tips During Winter Cold

If you can remember one word this winter, you need to remember the word water. If you don't keep the water away from your house you could find yourself dealing with water damage and water damage means home repairs. I don't need to tell you what home repairs translate into, but it isn't good news for your financial portfolio.

Basic home maintenance tips during the winter will include keeping the area around your home clean. If it's possible to remove any snow that accumulates next to your home, I would advise that you do so.

If you can keep the water at least 5 feet away from your house, there's a good chance that you won't have any soil erosion or problems with your structural foundation in the future. So if you could keep as much snow, ice and rainwater as possible away from your house, this would be a good thing.

Let's not forget about our water supply pipes either. If you're planning on going on a long vacation or leaving your home unoccupied for a few days, you should turn off the main water supply valve and drain the system. There's nothing worse than coming home after your wonderful vacation to the tropics, only to find out that a water supply pipe had broken.

What about the roof? You should try to keep as much snow as possible off of the roof, but don't forget that you shouldn't climb on top of your roof, because it might not be safe. Try to remove as much snow as possible from the ground using long poles and snow rakes.

If you can remember these simple home maintenance tips, there's a good chance that you will survive the winter without spending a lot of money on home repairs. Just remember that frozen water melts and melted water can create home water damage. Keep your roof and areas around your home clean during the winter.