What Most Home Improvement Contractors, Don't Want You to Know

There's two things that stick out in my mind, when ever I think about hiring a contractor. The first is that they're going to take advantage of me and the second is they're not going to finish the job.

However, most of us rarely think about saving money when hiring contractors. We're too busy concentrating on the other problems that most people deal with, when they have work done, on their property.

They've heard all the horror stories and honestly, they would be happy, if the job actually got finished on time or finish at all. But it doesn't have to be that way and I'm going to tell you why.

Because you're in charge, not the contractor. Remember the old saying, the Man with the gold, makes the rules, well it's no different in contracting. Whoever holds the money is in charge of the project, not the people who are going to get paid, but the people who are planning on paying the people, after the work is done.

Not just after the work is done, but after the work has been completed and you're 100% satisfied. You're the boss, you're in control and you make all the rules. I'm not about to suggest that you get carried away and run your construction project like a dictator, but ultimately, the person who controls the money, controls the project.

Now what do you think would happen, if you're contractor got ahead of you and was over paid. In other words, you had paid them for work that hadn't been completed yet.

Well, this might not make you happy, but it's the truth. If you have given your contractor, more money than you should have, then you might not be in charge, of the project, any more.

If you're contractor has more money than they should have, than they are now in control of the project. They could even demand more money from you and start to use unfair business practices.

I've seen contractors do things to people that most people couldn't even comprehend and it's all related to the money or the incorrect distribution of it. Do not let your contractor get ahead of your original payment plan.

Don't fall for any of their sob stories or excuses, otherwise you could find yourself contacting the contractors board, because you're contractor just took a hike. I don't care what your contractor says or how much money they need, to pay for building materials.

I've heard every excuse in the book and to be honest with you, most of them, don't make any sense. It might be hard for your contractor to hear, but there's only one word that needs to come out of your mouth, unless you and you're contractor can figure out something that will benefit the both of you.

Remember, in order for you to avoid creating a problem, you will need to create a solution. If a solution cannot be created that is fair, then you might consider contacting a representative of the contractors board, for more help.

It's a thin line and you better be careful, especially if you're not interested in being burned.