Who Would Ever Start A Home Building Business?

One of the biggest problems in the home building business is the amount of materials and labor that are needed to complete one house. There are so many things that could go wrong, yet millions of homes are still built year after year and it doesn't make any sense to me, why anyone would want to stay in the home building business, let alone start one.

I just got through reading an article that was written for a popular website and it talked about all of the problems that home builders face today. I couldn't believe the amount of problems that this article mentioned and some of them, I had never even heard of before.

One of the biggest problems with home builders all over the country, is expansive soil or poor soil conditions. Some contractors spend a lot of time and money to solve these problems, only to find out years later that they're punching it out in court and its winner take all. Even if a home builder does everything that's required by the engineers and local government, they can still find themselves dealing with large lawsuit and it just doesn't seem fair.

I personally have never built a home for anyone else and don't ever plan on doing so. There is so much liability involved in so many different phases of construction that it would make your head spin, if you took enough time to think about all of the problems that could happen during or after the home is actually constructed.

I probably wouldn't have this attitude, if I wasn't the one fixing the damage. I could probably write you out a large list of problems that most home builders will need to deal with, especially if they make it for more than 10 years in the business.

50 years ago, you could build a home and sell it with very little difficulty, yet today there is so much more involved and if things continue like they have been, I can't even imagine what the home building industry will be like, 50 years from now.