Think Twice Before Hiring A Neighborhood Kid To Remove Snow From Your Roof

A lot of people think it's cute to hire a neighborhood kid to take care of their front or back yards. When I was a kid, I would've loved to have had a job taking care of one of my neighbor’s yards and I thought the same thing once I got older. I never could find a neighbor kid that was interested in working at all, once I became old enough to actually hire one.

I'm not suggesting that you never hire anybody to do anything around your house, but I would like you to think twice before doing it. Licensed contractors need to carry a certain amount of insurance to protect themselves, just in case there is an accident. Most neighborhood children aren't going to have liability insurance or workers compensation insurance and if there was ever an accident, God forbid that this ever happened, you are ultimately going to be responsible.

In other words there is a big difference between hiring a neighborhood kid to rake the leaves up in your front yard and removed the snow from your property. There are dangers involved in shoveling snow that most homeowners never even think about, let alone hiring a neighborhood kid to remove snow from your roof.

I would feel horrible, if I hired someone to do anything on my home, whether they were licensed or not and they got hurt or injured. You can do what you want and I'm not going to stop you from that, but I would like you to think twice about it before hiring unlicensed professionals to remove snow from your roof.

It doesn't take a lot of common sense to write articles like these, but it seems like it takes a lot sense to actually apply if the stuff that I'm writing about.