Where Can I Get Great Home Building Advice From?

Home building advice is all over the Internet, the only problem with it is that most the time it isn’t great home building advice. There are a lot of websites, that provide a lot of information, but I haven't found one website, and I've been online since 1992, that I would recommend anyone who is thinking about building a new home to.

But there is a place, that does have some great home building advice and it's called your local library or bookstore. Some of these books, have priceless information in them, with plenty of pictures to give you a better idea, about whatever you're interested in.

I have been learning from books, for quite some time now and have found them to be an extremely valuable source of information in the home building business. I have books on electrical wiring, plumbing, home repairs, foundations, roofing, drywall, tile, framing, carpentry and almost any other book that you could possibly ever imagine.

If you really want some great home building advice, a picture is worth a thousand words and some of these books have hundreds of pictures in. I can explain something all day long, but without a picture, I'm going to have to keep explaining and explaining, until someone gets it.

This information is priceless, so don't just let it go in one ear and out the other ear. You might spend $100 buying a few books, but some of this information, could save you thousands of dollars, especially when you're building a large home.


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