Grandfathers Lost Home Building Secrets

When I was talking to my grandfather a few years ago, he told me a couple of things about home building that most people have either forgotten about or never knew about. I would like to share at least three of my grandfathers lost home building secrets with you today.

1. Home Planning - Make sure that you take your time and try to work out as many of the problems that you can during the design phase, before you actually start building the house. My grandfather used to spend quite a few hours examining the blueprints before starting construction. He told me something that I would never forget,” Architects and engineers draw the plans, but it's the home builder’s responsibility to find all the problems.”

2. Hire Competent Subcontractors - Your new house is only going to be as good as the people who are building. My grandfather would only work around, and work with people who were masters of their trades. He used to tell me about all of the problems that other home builders had, because they didn't understand the concept,” You get what you pay for.”

3. Don't Cut Corners - My grandfather learned this lesson from experience and never questioned it ever again. He would often complain about the prices of building materials and all of the structural hardware that we needed to install while framing the house, but he never cut corners. He often bought the best lumber, roofing, windows, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and he told me,” This makes all the difference in the world, when you're trying to build something that you can put your name to.”

My grandfather was one of the best home builders that I ever met and could do things that even impressed my father, who was the best carpenter that I ever knew. My grandfathers lost home building secrets could soon be part of the past as more and more home builders seek profits over quality.


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