Finding A Good Home Buying Checklist

There are so many fees involved when it comes to buying a new home, often homeowners are overwhelmed and don't even know what these fees are for. They simply pay them and hope to get through the ridiculous amount of paperwork that is necessary to acquire at their new house.

Let's face it, if you're buying a home, there's a good chance that you will need to hire a home inspector or use the previous owners home inspection report and hope that they hired an honest home inspector. Most home inspectors, seem to provide most homeowners with quality services.

However, there are a few home inspectors that can be paid off by homeowners and real estate professionals, to provide doctored reports. When this happens, unsuspecting future homeowners are the ones that get stuck with the repair bills in the future. I wish that I could say, that this stuff doesn't happen, but it does.

That's why I recommend finding a good home buying checklist that will provide you with a basic education on what to look for when inspecting your new home.

Think about this for a moment, the present homeowner pays a home inspector $400 and he does a pretty good job and the report looks pretty good. Your real estate sales professional, recommends that you hire your own home inspector, to protect yourself.

This cost you and not the real estate professional another $400. The new home inspection report might show a couple of new things that were wrong with the house, but for the most part nothing major has been found and you are out an additional $400.

You don't know any better and you're simply taking the advice of someone who is considered to be a professional in the home selling business.

With a good home inspection checklist, you could actually eliminate the second home inspector, saving yourself a few dollars. I'm not telling you to never hire a home inspector, what I'm suggesting is that you can gain a little more knowledge about the home inspection process, with a simple home inspection checklist.

These home inspection checklist can also be used in the future, as part of your annual home maintenance inspections.