What's The Difference Between A Good Electrician And A Great One?

It wasn't very long ago when my wife asked me a question that I didn't have an answer to. What's the difference between a good electrician and a great one? I gave it some thought and this is what I came up with.

A good electrician is someone that has probably been in business for quite some time. If you're electrician and you've been in business for over 20 years, you're probably a good electrician. Good electrician do good work and satisfy their clients on a regular basis.

I truly believe that good electrician's do quality work and would like you to refer them business. These people are usually honest and have very few problems with their past customers. Any problems that they do have will be taken care of as soon as possible at no charge, especially if it was the electrician's fault.

That's a good electrician, but what's the difference between a good electrician and a great one? Character, ethics, workmanship, job cleaning up, reasonable hourly rates and experience on a higher level than a good one. I have worked with some good electrical contractors but very few great ones.

A great electrician, isn't just somebody that does a good job, it's someone that does a excellent job. These are people that go out of their way to make their clients happy. They under promise and over deliver on a regular basis. If you want to separate your electrical company from the good electrician's and become a great one, you're going to need to start putting a little more effort in to the items I listed above.