Good Communication Skills Save Money

One of the biggest problems that two people will ever face in a relationship, will be there ability to communicate with the other person effectively. If you think about it, the biggest problems in a marriage today is communication, not money or anything else.

Good communication skills can save homeowners and contractors thousands of dollars. If your contractor hands you a one-page contract to build your house, you could find yourself with a lot of problems during the construction of this project. However, if you're planning on building a new home in your contractor has a 75 page building contract, there's a good chance that most of the problems that your contractor has experienced in the past, could have easily been solved by using their contract.

There's a good chance that most people wouldn't hire someone to remodel their bathroom without giving them instructions as to what type of toilet, bathtub and flooring they would like to use. Most contractors and homeowners will communicate as effectively as possible while planning the project to eliminate as many problems as possible before the project starts.

The best advice I could give any homeowner or contractor with communication is, “Ask as many questions as possible.” Asking good questions is only half of good communication skills. The second part is having good answers to the questions. If either party can't answer the questions effectively, you've got a communication problem.

I've had to refuse to work for certain clients, because they couldn't answer my questions effectively. I knew that I would have problems with them eventually, because I have had similar problems in the past.

I have actually worked for people before that couldn't make up their minds and would delay the project for weeks. By the time I was done working on their jobs, I was emotionally and financially distraught.

I'm giving you this information, so that you don't make the same mistakes that I did. You can read all of the advice that I give you, but if you don't remember it or put it into action, you're not going to benefit from my experiences.