Getting Your Home Ready For Santa Claus - Safety

When I was a child, I remember asking my mother and father about Santa Claus coming down the chimney. “Shouldn't we clean the chimney,” I said. My mother and father informed me that the chimney was as clean as it was going to get and that Santa Claus wouldn't have any problems coming down, to deliver our toys.

I never got to see Santa Claus, but heard him one year shuffling around in the living room as he was delivering our toys. I wanted to go out and see him, but my mother and father warned me against it. I knew better than to disturb Santa Claus, because he was very busy.

I'm sure that most people around the holiday season aren't interested in getting their home ready for Santa Claus, but they should be interested in getting their home ready for accident prevention. I don't know how you or your children would feel, if Santa Claus accidentally tripped over an electrical cord, on his way from the fireplace to the Christmas tree.

If there's something dangerous around your home that you keep running into, tripping over, bumping into or something else that continues to give you grief, it's time to repair or remove it. If you're not interested in getting hurt, I'm sure that Santa Claus shares your same feelings.

If you're truly interested in having a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, I recommend that you remove, replace or repair anything in your home that's creating a safety problem. If your purse keeps getting caught on the stair handrailing, you have a floor that's constantly wet and slippery or electrical cords from your Christmas tree that are creating trip hazards, it's time to end your problems.

Just a little reminder to everyone, who's planning on having Santa Claus come to their home and drop off a few presents, a safe home keeps you and your family happy. Happy holidays to everyone out there in cyberspace.