A General Contractors Job Looks Easy

I've heard this for years and sometimes it rings true but for when it doesn't, some of the problems that these guys have to deal with, makes them wish that they never took certain jobs. Most of the time, the general contractor's job does look easy, but it's the behind the scenes stuff that make the difference between a good general contractor and a poor one.

Most of the time, the home owner, subcontractors and laborers get to see the general contractor show up on the job early in the morning or some time in the afternoon, drinking a cup of coffee or just getting back from lunch with a client or other professional, in the business. This never looks good, but if this is how you perceive your general contractor, I would like to share something with you that might change your mind.

I'm a general contractor and have worked with and for other general contractors. When I'm the general contractor on a project, I'm usually working on the job and when I'm not working at the job, I need to make phone calls to material suppliers and other professionals. Nowadays, this is usually done while you're driving around from job to job or on your way home, while everyone else is simply relaxing listening to music and enjoying the scenery.

I often hear people referred to me as easy money, but those who do, often have no idea what's involved with running a construction company. Whenever someone tells me that I have it made and my job is easy, I look them square in the eye and tell them that they shouldn't be working for me or anyone else. They should start their own construction company and that would give them all of the free time that they feel I have.

I've noticed that, when ever someone is good at what they do, their job looks easy. However, you don't know what these people have done to get to that position in life. Never assume that someone else's job is easy until you've walked a mile in their shoes.


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