Garage Floor Epoxy Paints - Do They Really Work

Before epoxy paints, people use to paint their garage floors and suffer the consequences after these concrete slabs started to absorb moisture and gasoline would start to dissolve paints that weren't designed for the concrete floor. In other words, a long time ago garage floor paints were more of a problem than a solution.

Nowadays, some of these garage floor paints are mixed with chemicals and these new garage floor epoxy paints work pretty doggone good. I wouldn't have believed it, but a friend of mine used this product to paint his garage floor and it changed my mind for ever.

I worked with them on a daily basis and figured that I would have a first hand experience, if anything was to go wrong with his new garage floor. He was an extremely clean person and everything that he owned, including his garage was in pristine condition

I watched the painter applying the paint and it wasn't that difficult. That's good news for anyone who would like to use these products, but doesn't require a lot of experience to apply it. I feel that almost anyone is capable of installing most of these garage floor products.

The most important bit of advice that I can give you, is to make sure that the garage floor is as clean as you could possibly clean it. Follow the directions and enjoy your new garage floor.