Four Simple Tips To Help With Garage Planning

These garage building ideas are free for anyone who works in the home improvement business and can be used by professionals and other contractors. Here are a few things that garage builders seem to neglect when building new garages.

1. Make sure that the garage is going to be built large enough to support the vehicles that will park in it. Some vehicles have gotten larger and don't fit in the standard sized garage any more. Keep this in mind when planning and designing your garage.

2. Make sure that the garage door is wide enough to comfortably park the car or cars that you plan on parking in it. A double garage door is usually 16 feet wide, and this doesn't seem to be as big of a problem as a single garage door. A 9 foot wide garage door is going to be a lot easier to park a car in, than an 8 foot wide one.

3. Make sure that the garage door is tall enough for your vehicle to fit under. If you have a large vehicle or a four-wheel drive vehicle that sits higher than average and you want to park these vehicles in your garage, theirs a good chance that you will need to get a custom-built garage door.

4. Make sure that you allow for any cabinetry that you plan on installing in the garage. Not only do you need to allow plenty of room for your cars or other vehicles, if you plan on installing a work area or cabinets for storage, make sure that you give your garage plenty of storage space.

Make sure that you spend more time planning and designing the garage than building it. The last thing that you want to do is have a finished garage that you can’t park your vehicles in and use for storage.