Five Wacky Things Homeowners Ask Me To Do

Just when I think I've seen everything in the construction business, someone does something to prove me wrong. I can't believe how many wacky things homeowners have asked me to do while giving estimates. Here is a list of five wacky things homeowners actually asked me to do. You're not going to believe it.

1. One homeowner asked me if they could see my teeth. I couldn't believe that they were going to give the job to the contractor with the best teeth, but they did and I didn't get that job.

2. One homeowner asked me if their father could help me. The homeowner was 69 years old and when I asked him how old his father was, he said that his father was 92 years old. Obviously I said no and that offended the homeowner and I didn't get that job either.

3. One homeowner asked me if they could pay me in pesos. I told the homeowner that they could exchange the money and then pay me with American money, but they thought that I was being unreasonable and believe it or not, I didn't get that job either.

4. Another job that I didn't get was when the homeowner told me that I was a hippie. This particular homeowner didn't ask me to cut my hair, but the message was loud and clear. Sometimes people don't have to say things, but you get the message and you know that you're not going to be working for them either.

5. This one might not be as wacky as the other ones, but I did have one of my clients ask me if they could meet my family and see what my house looked like. Like any other contractor in my situation that needed work at the time, I agreed, invited them over to see my house and meet my family and believe it or not, I got that job.

I really have seen a lot of things during my life and it doesn't amaze me anymore, to have people say some wacky things to me. Something else that I would like to share with my readers is that sometimes persistence does pay off. I did get one out of these five jobs here.