Five Simple Facts About Installing Windows

I used to watch a show called Dragnet when I was a young lad and the detective would tell the people that he was questioning, to only give him the facts. If you're planning on installing windows in your home or you know anyone who's planning on installing any windows in their home, make sure that they read this article. I've seen poor window installations do more damage to a home than you could ever possibly imagine.

1. Start with the Right Windows: You're going to be looking for windows that are weatherproof. Windows that open and close with very little effort and make sure that the locking mechanisms actually work. It wouldn't be a bad idea to purchase insulated windows or dual glazed windows either.

2. Using a Good Sealant: Silicone works great for windows built out of any materials that I could possibly think of. Your windows will need to be sealed at their corners, flanges and around the flashing. Leaking windows will damage the wood framing and interior drywall. This type of damage usually attracts termites.

3. Be Careful Handling the Windows: Be careful when transporting the windows from the place you purchase them, to the place you're going to store them. Never lay them flat on the ground and you should always use extreme caution in handling them.

4. Use Noncorrosive Nails or Screws: Most window manufacturers recommend the use of noncorrosive nails or screws. Stainless steel, galvanized and zync nails or screws usually work great.

5. Manufacturer's Instructions: Make sure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter. These are the people who make the windows and have a pretty good idea, how you should install them.

Windows are delicate building materials and should be installed and handled with extreme caution.