Five Signs Your Contractor Doesn't Have Enough Experience

If you really don't care what your new home will look like or how your home remodeling projects turn out, don't bother reading this article.

1. Is your contractor over 18 years old? This would be your first clue that your contractor might not have enough experience and if your contractor can only work on the weekends, because they're still going to high school, this could be your second clue.

2. Does your contractor need to go to the library for home remodeling information? If you notice that your contractor is gazing through books on a regular basis, while working at your house, this could be an additional clue.

3. Is your contractor asking you questions about home remodeling? This will be okay, if you can actually answer them. However, if neither one of you know the answers, there could be a problem.

4. Your contractor can't find your house. The contractor has been to your home, quite a few times, but continues to keep calling you for directions.

5. The contractor asks you if they can borrow your DVD player to watch some home remodeling videos. This could be a bigger problem, especially if the video that they are watching is a step-by-step instructional video for home remodeling.

Inexperienced contractors can create home remodeling nightmares for homeowners. It's not a bad idea to ask your contractor a few questions about the project and if you don't feel comfortable with their answers, you might want to find someone with a little more experience.