Five Places Where Mold Might Be Growing In Your Home

Mold is simply part of nature's cleanup crew and we need to understand how it operates, before we wage war on it. Mold obviously creates health issues and I would like to show you five places where mold might be growing in your home that you never would have thought about.

1. Mold can be growing in your attic or crawlspace. If you haven't ever gone into these areas, how would you expect to know if mold was actually growing in them? Areas like these can provide mold with some of the best growing environments, available today.

2. Underneath your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. I'm not suggesting that you tear apart your cabinets to check your home for mold, but these areas provide mold with excellent growing opportunities. If you have water leaking on or in back of these cabinets, you can almost guarantee the existence of mold growing underneath them.

3. Inside and on your bathroom and kitchen appliances. Restaurants are required to clean all of their food processing equipment regularly and know exactly where to look for mold, but most homeowners don't. Clean bathroom and kitchen appliances often to prevent mold from growing on or around them.

4. Check your windowsills, especially if you live in climates where temperatures on the outside of your house are below 40° and you're using your heater to heat your home, on the inside. Windowsills often collect moisture that drips off of the glass. If you notice any dark staining on your windowsills, you probably have a problem with mold.

5. Clean your carpets regularly to prevent mold from growing underneath them. If you have decorative carpet mats in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, entryway or anywhere else where moisture accumulates often, you should clean these carpets regularly. You should also check your shower curtains for mold and mildew.

Mold likes water and if you have water leaking anywhere, there's a good chance that mold won't be too far away in the future. Make sure that you fix any water leaks as soon as humanly possible to prevent mold and mildew damage to your house.