Five Easy Tips To Avoid Mold Growing On Your Stucco Or Siding

I don't know how many times I tell homeowners that they should water their lawns and not their home. Their home isn't going to keep growing and you shouldn't keep watering it. Here's Five easy tips to avoid mold growing on your stucco or siding. I hope they help, but either way, quit watering your house.

1. Quit watering your home. If you don't want mold to grow on your stucco or siding, you're going to need to install sprinklers and gutters that aren't getting your home wet. I can't tell you, how many homes I have worked on, simply because their sprinklers continued to spray their house for years.

2. Monitor your stucco and siding if they are located in areas that don't get much sun. One of the best places for mold to grow is in shaded areas. Shaded areas also provide excellent living areas for fungus and moss.

3. Treat any stains on your siding or stucco as soon as possible. If you have mold growing on your siding or stucco, you can't just paint over it. These areas will need to be treated first. Sometimes you can treat these areas with chlorine or bleach.

4. If you live in climates where water drips off of your roof daily, on to your stucco or siding. You will need to install some gutters, especially if these areas are located in shady spots that don't get much sun.

5. Here's one that biggest problems people rarely think about. How about maintaining your stucco and siding on a regular basis. This might require a little cleaning or painting every once in a while, but this is one of the best ways to avoid mold growing on your stucco or siding.

If you want to prevent mold from growing on your stucco or siding, watch for discoloration or spotting on the exterior of your home. Especially in areas where you haven't fixed your sprinklers, yet.